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DJ Aki's Birthday Marathons Officially Over

Hello Everyone!

I started doing Birthday Marathons on August 9th, 2012. From there, I started doing them every month and whenever there was a birthday. Some I skipped because I was busy, and others I had time for. It's finally now time to say goodbye to birthday Marathons. I'll mostly be focusing on college from now on, but I will visit every now and then, or when I have time. I will also be starting Cpop Marathons, probably sometime in 2015.

Birthday Marathons have officially ended on August 17, 2014.


Oricon Weekly Charts for 8/4 ~ 8/10 2014

                Oricon Jpop Weekly  Charts  08/04  ~ 08/10

                              Weekly Singles Ranking  

1.  ER2    Eight Ranger          (☆ NEW)

2. Good Time          Akanishi Jin     (☆ NEW)

3.  Bukiyou Taiyou    SKE48



                                Weekly Album  Ranking

1. Go WEST Yoi Don! - Johnny's WEST     (☆ NEW)

2. Ima Kara Oyayubi ga Kieru Tejina Shimasu   GReeeeN     (☆ NEW)

3. All Time Best -Original-   Nakamori Akina        (☆ NEW)

4. PHASE 2          Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas    (☆ NEW)

5. Girls Generation THE BEST       Shoujo Jidai            

                           Weekly DVD Ranking

1. ARASHI Live Tour 2013: LOVE       Arashi 

2. 13th Live Circuit 'Love E-mail from 1999' Live in MARINE MESSE FUKUOKA     Porno Graffitti

3. Original Entertainment Paradise 2013 ROCK ON!!     Various Artists

4. 1 : 43372 Road to The Independent King ~THE ROOTS & THE FUTURE~   AK-69 

5. LIVE TOUR 2014 TOP JUNCTION    lecca


M Wave Kpop Charts 14.08.10

                   M Wave  M Countdown Week of  14.08.10

1. HER             Block B 

 2. Touch  My Body      SISTAR  

 3. Red       Hyuna 

 4. Happiness     Red Velvet       (☆ NEW)

5. Darling      Girls Day 

6. Back         INFINITE 

7.   Solo Day    B1A4  

8. Ain`t  Nobody      YeEun (HA:FELT) 

9. Love Again   Son SeungYeon  

10.FANTASTIC     Henry 

M Wave M Countdown


Throwback Thursday Recording: August 14, 2014

Here is the playlist and recording for the August 14, 2014 Throwback Thursday, where I play one hour of your favorite old school Kpop hits (year 2004 or prior) only on the Kpop Channel. Today, I played nothing but old school male artists!

*Recording split into two parts, due to size of the file*

Part 1:

Lee Moon Sae: "Red Sunset"
Throwback Thursday Opening
JYP: "Honey"
1TYM:"Hot DdeuGuh"
Perry: "Storm" ft. G-Dragon, Sean, & Masta Wu
Se7en: "Baby I Like You Like That"
Rain: "Baby Baby"
Jinseaun: "Phone Number"
Seo Taiji & Boys: "Come Back Home"

Part 2:

Throwback Thursday Break
Shinhwa: "Hey, Come On!"
H.O.T: "Candy"
Five Fingers: "Balloons"
PSY: "Bird"
Epik High: "Free Love"
DJ DOC: "Run to You"
Turbo: "Twist King"
g.o.d: "Friday Night"
Throwback Thursday Closing
Wheesung: "Still"

Just a reminder about the rules for Throwback Thursday: There are no limits on the number of requests, unless there are a lot of them. However, unless an artist is being spotlighted, only one song per artist will be played during the show. Also, be sure to check if there is a theme for the show, so you can pick requests accordingly. 

Be sure to tune in the next Throwback Thursday show airing on the K-Pop Channel weekly at Thursday 10AM EST / 11PM KST


Oricon Weekly Charts 7/28 ~ 8/3

                                                Single Weekly Ranking

         1. Bukiyou Taiyou - SKE48      (☆ NEW)                   
            2. Mighty Long Fall / Decision - ONE OK ROCK         (☆ NEW)

            3. MOON PRIDE - Momoiro Clover Z             (☆ NEW)

            4. Black Butterfly / Kaze ni Fukarete - Juice=Juice        (☆ NEW)

            5. Teii Teii Teii Terette Terete Tei Tei~Dare no Ketsu~ - Busaiku

                                       Album Weekly Ranking

        1. GIRL`S GENERATION THE BEST  - Shoujo Jidai    
           2. Just Us - JYJ          (☆ NEW)            

              3. KETSUNOPOLIS9 - Ketsumeishi

              4. Anna to Yuki no Joou Original Soundtrack - Various Artists (Frozen : Motion Picture SoundTrack) 

              5. THE PRINCE OF TENNIS II SHITENHOJI SUPER STARS" - Various Artists       (☆ NEW)

                   Video Weekly DVD Ranking

                1. ARASHI Live Tour 2013: LOVE - Arashi
                2. 1 : 43372 Road to The Independent King ~THE ROOTS & THE FUTURE~ - AK-69
                3. LIVE DVD: World Wide Dempa Tour 2014 in Nippon Budokan ~Yume de Owaranyo!~ -

                4. "SAKANATRIBE 2014 -LIVE at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL-" - Sakanaction 
                5. D☆DATE TOUR 2013 ~GLORY FIVE~ FINAL - D☆DATE


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