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[Mobile Tip] Pre-buffer settings

I often listen to Big B Radio on my mobile phone while traveling by car and mobile signals can be spotty in certain areas. I recommended using mobile radio app like TuneIn Radio app which has 'Pre-buffer seconds' settings feature that could help combat signals breaking up on you while tuning into Big B Radio. I recommended setting the Pre-buffer seconds feature to 10 seconds or more. TuneIn is available for the following devices: iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Palm, Samsung Bada.

Also saved us as your favorite station and then go to Presets mode on Tunein Radio app. There you'll be able to choose any bitrate streams for MAIN Channel, Kpop Channel and Cpop Channel from 192kb to 64kb, mp3 bitrate streams available by swiping left/right on selected station in Presets mode. Unfortunately, J-Channel only has 64kb bitrate available at this time.

♫ Happy listening ya'll,
DJ Rip

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Big B Radio is an internet radio station dedicated on playing a wide variety of Asian Pop music ranging from Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, Chinese Pop and even Asian-American Pop. We are one of the first online radio stations to broadcast Asian Pop through SHOUTcast Radio since December 2004. And we are continuing to play the hottest Asian Pop music to listeners all over the world 24/7. Happy Listening!

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