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How to listen to Big B Radio on Winamp

Winamp is one of our favorite media player programs to listen to Big B Radio on our laptop/desktop computer. Winamp is a free download media player program available at

How to manually add Big B Radio onto your Winamp:

• Select "File" or "Add" from Winamp.
• Select "Add URL"

• You can find up-to-date Big B Radio's Steam URLs for the following channels:

MAIN Channel   •   KPOP Channel   •   JPOP Channel   •   CPOP Channel

Or download the following files after installing Winamp on your computer:

Big B Radio's All Channels Playlist files [updated 2012-09-16] (Save As...):
.m3u file   or    .pls file

Choose one of the following methods to add Big B Radio's All Channels files (above) onto Winamp:

Drag-n-drop the files onto Winamp.

• Select the "Add file to playlist" at the bottom left corner of Winamp's Playlist Editor.
  >> Select "Add file(s)."

• Select "File"
  >> Select "Play file..." or "Open playlist."

• Select "Manage Playlist" at the bottom right-corner of Winamp's Playlist Editor.
  >> Select "Open Playlist"

Your Playlist Editor should look similar to the picture down below after adding Big B Radio's All Channels playlist onto Winamp. Click on any of our Channel links to tune in and happy listening, everybody! ^_^

Welcome to Big B Radio

Big B Radio is an internet radio station dedicated on playing a wide variety of Asian Pop music ranging from Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, Chinese Pop and even Asian-American Pop. We are one of the first online radio stations to broadcast Asian Pop through SHOUTcast Radio since December 2004. And we are continuing to play the hottest Asian Pop music to listeners all over the world 24/7. Happy Listening!

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