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Big B Radio DJs Memo To Our Dear Listeners

Hello BBR Listeners!

First and foremost, we like to thank each and every listeners for supporting Big B Radio for many years. We experienced the highs and the lows, the ups and downs, the good and the bad… yet, many of you remained loyal to us and we’re very happy that you appreciated all our hard work, whether our DJs are playing your song requests or whether we made you happy with our conversations in our chat room or on Twitter.

Of course, there are moments when there are a few listeners who do not appreciate the songs that we play to or get mad when some of their requests songs take too long to get played. We often times get complaints about the lack of songs, the absence of DJs, disrespecting DJs on the chat, and much more. Still, we’re still around because our listeners matter and it’s all for the love of music.

We wanted to clear up a lot of things up for the benefit of the listeners. We want you to know the other side of the story of the DJs. The behind the scenes. How DJs do their schedules. If you feel that your requests are being ignored, please don’t think that way. We get tons of requests every day from Twitter and from the chatroom and we’re trying our best to queue them as much as possible. There are moments when we DJs have to deal with server issues and internet connection issues, so we’re very apologetic for that. 

The DJs of Big B Radio are DJing during their spare time and are not paid at all. In other words, DJs here are all volunteering at Big B Radio. We do this for the love of music. We love music as much as you do… and we want to share this pleasure by playing songs for you. We assure you that each request is getting played, no matter how late it is, because that’s how we value our listeners. Also, when the DJs aren’t around while you’re requesting, that’s because we DJs also have personal lives to deal with. Some of us go to school while some of us work to pay off our bills. Some of us also live in other parts of the globe. So please bear with us. 

What we ask from our listeners are just two things: respect and appreciation. We admit that we have made some accidents/mistakes along the way, like forgetting to play some of your song requests and get you disappointed that we cannot play more songs than we should have, because we have rules to follow (the 3-song request per person, that rule). Still, we ask for your understanding that DJs make mistake. We’re still human and all the DJs can do is to apologize for not doing our best. From your end, we only want respect and get appreciated for the things we do here at BBR. 

Without the listeners, Big B Radio will never exist. That’s why despite all our differences in opinions and music tastes, we’re still glad to serve our BBR listeners in any way we can.

Thank you for reading and please continue to support us!

Truly yours,

Big B Radio Admin & Staff

Welcome to Big B Radio

Big B Radio is an internet radio station dedicated on playing a wide variety of Asian Pop music ranging from Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, Chinese Pop and even Asian-American Pop. We are one of the first online radio stations to broadcast Asian Pop through SHOUTcast Radio since December 2004. And we are continuing to play the hottest Asian Pop music to listeners all over the world 24/7. Happy Listening!

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