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Throwback Thursday Recording: February 28, 2013--Spotlighting S.E.S

Here is the playlist and recording for the February 28, 2013 Throwback Thursday, where I play one hour of your favorite old school Kpop hits (year 2003 or prior) only on the Kpop Channel. Today, I spotlighted S.E.S! Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in again next week at 10AM EST. 

Blackstreet: we'll gonna take u back (lude)
DJ And: Throwback Thursday Opening - S.E.S
S.E.S: "Oh, My Love"
H.O.T: "We Are The Future"
Gummy: "Words I Want to Say"
Tasha: "Soul Flower"
Park Jin Young: "Honey"
g.o.d: "Dear Mother"
Jewelry: "Tonight"
Jinusean: "Mal hae jo (Tell Me)" ft. Uhm Jung Hwa
DJ And: Throwback Thursday Break -  S.E.S
S.E.S: "Twilight Zone"
Turbo: "Nero (Black Cat)"
H.O.T: "Warrior's Descendant"
Baby V.O.X: "Betrayal"
Shinhwa: "Wild Eyes"
CLEO: "Always in My Heart"
DEUX: "In Summer"
1TYM: "Hot DdeuGuh"
DJ And: Throwback Thursday Closing - S.E.S
S.E.S: "Dreams Come True"


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