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Please try placing your song requests to us at the following instructions below:

• #1: Big B Radio's ChatWING Request:
Dear chatroom members,
We are having major changes with the methods of sending requests. Please take note that starting today, we will be using chatWING for chatroom song requests. We don't want your requests to get lost especially when Chatango is active and busy. We hope you comply and thank you for your cooperation.

Please use chatWING for song requests purposes only.
REQUEST RULE: You can request up to 3 songs per 35 minutes span AND all of your previous requests has already been played before you'll can make your next requests.
• Chatwing's temporary 35 minutes ban countdown will start when your first of 3 song requests starts playing on air.

• If necessary, refresh your chatwing page to uplift the ban.

View Full chatWING:

• #2: Big B Radio's Chatango Chat/Request Room: is another convenient way to contact our DJs and place your song requests on air at Big B Radio. Many of our DJs will still take your requests in Chatango.
But if Chatango ever gets too busy please contact us with your song requests at or tweet us at @bigBradio

Update: Chatango now works on Android 4+ (in Chrome) and on iOS.

• You can request up to 3 songs per 35 minutes span AND all of your previous requests has been played before you can make your next requests.

• View Full page of Big B Radio's Chatango Flash version
• View BBR Alternative Chatango (HTML 5) for iOS & Android

Please update your Adobe Flash Player to view our Chatango properly:

• #3: Big B Radio's Twitter: Tweet us your song #request to @BigBRadio

* An big apology if we're not able to add your song requests in a timely manner. Please understand we are taking time out voluntarily to add each song requests made to Big B Radio.

Please respectfully requests up to 3 songs at a single time. It does get overwhelming when we get a spam of song reqeuests from a single individual. Our servers also gets overwhelmed at times due to the sensitively our servers undergoes by adding song requests.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.
Also very big thank you for supporting Big B Radio and happy listening everyone.

Welcome to Big B Radio

Big B Radio is an internet radio station dedicated on playing a wide variety of Asian Pop music ranging from Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, Chinese Pop and even Asian-American Pop. We are one of the first online radio stations to broadcast Asian Pop through SHOUTcast Radio since December 2004. And we are continuing to play the hottest Asian Pop music to listeners all over the world 24/7. Happy Listening!

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