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Big B Radio costs more to run than it makes off ads alone. To keep it running and growing, please support us now by donating.
Any amount from donation will go to paying our radio hosting fees. Thank You in advance & happy listening!

[ $1,210 USD donated in 2015 | $815 USD donated in 2014 ]

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The cost of operating an online radio station can get really expensive with multiple channels & servers. The cost to maintaining our station are now on the rise. We are a high bandwidth usage station, especially with 1000+ listeners tuning in at any given hour. We have been currently funding the station out of our own pocket for the past 9 years behind no on-air commercial advertisement nor sponsors. All of our staff are doing this as a labor of love & passion as none of us get paid to DJ at BBR, but we love what we do. So please donate and help keep Big B Radio alive this year. The possible shut down of our radio station is on the horizon if the rise in server costs are too much bear for the current owner of Big B Radio in the future.

There is no amount too small and your contribution can make a difference to our station going strong for another year.

Our goal is to be breaking even at $5,000 USD on operational costs to fund our whole radio station for an entire year of 2013. Plus additional $1,000 USD funds to help create a possible official all-in-one channels radio mobile app for both on Android & iPhone ($500 USD for each). One of our big wishlist for our radio station if we reach our ultimate donation goals of $6,000 USD.

Thank you for tuning in and supporting Big B Radio!

Big thank you to our B+ honorable donors and their gratuity:

❤❤ HeywhatstheBuzz    ★ X 18 MVP Donor
❤❤ Roterteufel08   ★ X 9   Super Duper Donor
❤❤ Mr.YeO   ★ X 8 Super Duper Donor
❤❤ BBR DJ Typo   ★ X 7   Super Duper Donor
❤❤ BBR DJ Jwen   ★ X 7 Super Duper Donor
❤❤ Sympathizer G    ★★Super Duper Donor
❤❤ lrv3646   ★Super Duper Donor

Nancy A.W.    ★★★SuperB Donor
Swtfey    ★★★SuperB Donor
Leina    ★★SuperB Donor
hkato111    ★★SuperB Donor
BBR DJ Kira    ★★SuperB Donor
Kairu316    ★★SuperB Donor

BBR DJ Kagome    ★★SuperB Donor

Thierry P.    ★SuperB Donor
Christina P.    ★SuperB Donor
Crystal S.    ★SuperB Donor
BBR DJ And    ★SuperB Donor
LaKisha G.    ★SuperB Donor
Austin D.   ★SuperB Donor
Ergalle   ★SuperB Donor
Uluru69   ★SuperB Donor
SinderLaLa    ★SuperB Donor
Jay    ★SuperB Donor
BBR DJ Wing   ★SuperB Donor
HazewinDog   ★SuperB Donor
RajinCajin619    ★SuperB Donor
BBR DJ Jon   ★SuperB Donor
DwarfMoradin    ★SuperB Donor
Cryptor   ★SuperB Donor
Russ    ★SuperB Donor
John B.    ★SuperB Donor
Kristin    ★SuperB Donor
Kuwa Kao    ★SuperB Donor
Nanashikun    ★SuperB Donor
OakFey    ★SuperB Donor

♥ AdrianaHS
♥ KarinSA
♥ acye
♥ ChanMin
♥ KiMeD
♥ BBR DJ Truth
♥ AldreCV
♥ RowenaChan
♥ teemothegod
♥ Hou&Yu
♥ BBR DJ Ben
♥ Former BBR DJ Chunsa
♥ BBR DJ Ellie
♥ NANAandLIZZYfanatic
♥ Irish JG.
♥ Charlie D.
♥ Mike A.
♥ SGlords
♥ Veltaine
♥ Lapetitedame
♥ Merve A.
♥ Rodney C.
♥ LaKisha G.
♥ KiMeD
♥ Hollie
♥ RowenaChan
♥ John Lee
♥ Chung O.
♥ JohnRossNakamura
♥ Tiffany T.
♥ Emil A.
♥ TofuManBunta
♥ Min T.

*Note: SuperB Donors has each donated $20 USD or more to Big B Radio.
Super Duper Donor has each donated $100 USD or more to Big B Radio.

★ = number of times donated to Big B Radio

Welcome to Big B Radio

Big B Radio is an internet radio station dedicated on playing a wide variety of Asian Pop music ranging from Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, Chinese Pop and even Asian-American Pop. We are one of the first online radio stations to broadcast Asian Pop through SHOUTcast Radio since December 2004. And we are continuing to play the hottest Asian Pop music to listeners all over the world 24/7. Happy Listening!

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