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List of current active Big B Radio DJs & Staff members:

Visit our chatroom at to chat with our friendly & scary DJs. Big thank you to all DJs listed below who has volunteered their own time to play your song requests and favorite hits.

DJ Rip 
Owner / President
Alias: DJ Ripster | DJ Rip
Nationality: Vietnamese American
About Me: Took over operations & saved Big B Radio since January 2011. Workaholic & sneakerhead. Absolutely love Asian girl groups! Previously a Big B Radio's Voice DJ during the late 2007-2009. And also a resident ninja.

Twitter: @mrbigBradio
Instagram: @bbryome    Instagram

DJ Rip's All-Time Top Scrobbled Artists:

How to scrobble Big B Radio's streams on Android

DJ Rip's On the Spotlight [Humor]

DJ AND aka & 
Request & Voice DJ for KPop Channel
Nationality: American
About Me: Catch DJ And's Throwback Thursday Show at 11PM Korean Time (KST) / 10AM Eastern time (EST) Every Thursday on Kpop Channel. Tune in for 1 hour of old school KPop songs hosted by our resident Auntie DJ And!
Writer for Seoulbeats & Kpop Krunch
Twitter: @AndtheReqDJ
Request DJ Truth
Request DJ for KPOP / JPOP / ASIAN POP Channel
Nationality: American
About Me: The Hyper, Fun, Clumsy DJ!! I've been listening to Asian music since 2004 and became a Big B DJ in 2012. I do Theme KPOP and JPOP marathons weekly and I love to think outside the box. Currently a licensed beautician (nails, make up and skin OH MY!!). I love fashion, to dance, and Art!! People call me because i try to be honest and love to help others. I'M A HUGE YG fan btw.
Also handles weekly Theme & Anniversary Marathons for Kpop Channel. And also selling Chocolate Abs Bars part-time to Kpop fangirls.
Twitter: @DJTruthteller
Request DJ Rexie
Request DJ for KPOP / JPOP / CPOP / ASIAN POP Channel
Nationality: Puerto Rican
About Me: Mom DJ who LOVES music (especially Kpop and Cpop) who talks a lot (bad habit) and who is great at Multitasking. B.A.P and BTS biased. I love making new friends.
Ultimate Bias: B.A.P's Bang Yong Guk, BTS Jimin, MBLAQ's SeungHo
DJ Emergency 
Mix DJ for JPop Channel
Nationality: American
About Me: I love watching anime! Catch me randomly DJing & mixing Jpop remixes on #JPop Station that will make you dance!

Twitter: @DJEmergency
Request DJ Liz 
Request DJ @ Kpop, Jpop & Cpop Station
Nationality: Singaporean
About Me: First Singaporean DJ since 2014. In love with Kpop and will always be. I'm a carefree person, so don't be afraid to approach me. Google is my life.
Bias Groups: EXO, GOT7, SHINee, Infinite, SKarf
Ultimate Bias: Lu Han (ex EXO member) , Mark&JB (GOT7) and SungGyu (Infinite)
Twitter: @lizziexoxoexo
Request DJ QNS 
Kpop Channel Request DJ
Nationality: American
About Me: Will literally fall off her chair and ROTFLMAO if you give her a good LOL.
Twitter @DJ_Qns
Request DJ Jwen 
CPOP Channel/KPOP Channel Request DJ
Nationality: Malaysian
About Me: Daehyun of B.A.P bias. I love Snoopy but dislike Hello Kitty! (Both characters can't talk tho *rolleyes*)
Twitter: @ReqDjJwen
Request DJ Typo 
Request DJ for KPOP Channel
Nationality: Estonian
About Me: Eats candy for his every meal, meanwhile tries to destroy few in Candy crush. Loves YG family. Friendly type person. Well known in the BBR chatroom as the "typo king."
Request DJ Kagome 
Request DJ for JPOP, KPOP & Asian Pop Channel
Nationality: Japanese American
About Me: Love Music and knows a lot about music. Kind and sweet. Loves to DJ and was a DJ for Parties and worked in College radio. My favorite colors are Pink and Red. My favorite bumper sticker is "These are the good old days."
Twitter: @JpopGirl
Request DJ Xale
About Me: First Big B Radio's Request DJ in 2015

Request DJ Dice
Request DJ for KPOP Channel
About Me: Latte and green tea lover. Likes good music and sometimes talks alot

List of Big B Radio DJs on hiatus:
They have been missing in action and inactive.

DJ Aki 
Request DJ for KPop / JPOP / ASIAN POP Channel
Nationality: American
About Me: Formerly handles Birthday Marathons on Kpop Channel. And likes to go to a corner and screams!
Twitter: @bbrdjaki
Request DJ Jonny 
Request DJ for KPOP / JPOP Channel
Nationality: Filipino
About Me: Taeyeon of Girls' Generation bias
Twitter: @DJJonny9
Request DJ A/C 
Request DJ for Main, KPOP & JPOP Channel
Nationality: Italian
About Me:
Twitter: @ReqDjAC
Request DJ Genie 
Request DJ for CPOP Channel
Nationality: Dutch
About me: Music is the biggest addiction in my life (besides chocolate), and since 2007 I'm really into kpop and cpop. Funny fact, it helped me realise how much I love languages and cultures, so you can say they helped my choose my education (French language and culture). It was in 2011 that I stumbled on BBR and since 2013 I have the privileges to be a Cpop Dj as well! I love many different artists, but for some reason, Khalil Fong just owns it hehe. ♥
Twitter: @4ginie4
Request DJ Fristi
Request DJ for KPOP Channel
Nationality: Dutch
About Me:
Request DJ Ellie 
Request DJ for KPOP, JPOP & MAIN Channel
Twitter: @blaise_blossom
Request DJ Siu 
Request DJ for JPOP Channel
Nationality: Canadian
About Me: Daichi Muira bias
Request DJ Syn 
Request DJ for CPOP & MAIN Channel
Nationality: Canadian
About Me: Biggest Seo Taiji's fan EVER!
Request DJ Wing
CPOP Channel Request DJ
Nationality: Chinese European
About Me: Sexy, Free and Single and 2nd longest active chatroom member.

Mentionable Former Big B Radio DJs:
Big thank you to all past Big B Radio DJs including those who's names are not listed below for their services.

Nationality: Chinese American
About Me: Founded Big B Radio in December 2004 with former DJ Cat. Radio station was named after him. Also ran Big B Radio station majority by himself from 2004-2010. #RESPECT

DJ Chunsa  Voice DJ from 2007-2010
Nationality: Filipino
About Me: Started Voice DJ in late 2007 and a proud Y.G bias.
Catch DJ Chunsa's live show called "Kpop Beats" Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9PM Hong Kong Time (HKT).
• DJ Cat (Co-founder)
DJ Candiie 
• DJ Chopstix
• DJ Skrewball
• DJ Mango
• DJ Kyte
• DJ Poison
• DJ Gemini
• DJ Mkayz
• DJ La la
• DJ hustl3
• DJ Nitro
• DJ Spetra
• DJ Dasanii
• DJ Duckii
• DJ Dreamstar
• DJ Yummi
• DJ Munchi
• Q. the Request DJ
• Request DJ Hye
• Request DJ B2uty
• Request DJ Val
Request DJ Electro
Request DJ Hannah
Request DJ Lee
• Request DJ Haze
Request DJ Lapin
Request DJ Kitty

DJ Bryant Yee
Nationality: Chinese American
About Me: Loves to eat a big juicy cheeseburger (gross!) and resident internet troll.

Check out DJ Bryant Yee's past K-Pop Mixtapes:
DJ Bryant Yee's KPOP Mixtape Volume 1 DJ Bryant Yee's KPOP Mixtape Volume 2

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